Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank Professor of Economics and C Marks Professor, Cornell University
Recent Papers
Bengali Translation of Paper on Economic Policy - Translated by Dr. Anupam Gupta
Dashadishi, Kolkata, 28th November 2012
Text of My K. R. Narayanan Oration
Ministry of Finance, Canberra, 25th August 2012
New Paper on Exchange Rate Manipulation
Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 26th June 2012
Keynote Lecture Delivered in Rome and to be Published in Rivista Italiana Degli Economisti.
Italian Economic Association, Rome, 14th Oct 2011
Strategic Theory for Central Banking: How to Influence Exchange Rates without Affecting Reserves
  Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 20th Dec 2011
Understanding Inflation and Controlling It
  Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 5th Aug 2011
The Evolving Dynamics of Global Economic Power in the Post-Crisis World: Revelations from a New Index of Government Economic Power
  Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 1st July, 2011
A Simple Model of the Financial Crisis of 2007-9 with Implications for the Design of a Stimulus Package.
  CAE Working Paper, 09-11, 2009
The Mechanics of Central Bank Interventions in Foreign Exchange Markets.
  CAE Working Paper, 09-02, 2009
Children, Education, Labor and Land: In the Long Run and Short (with Talia Bar).
  Journal of the European Economic Association, 2009, Vol. 7, pp. 487-497
Is Product Boycott a Good Idea for Controlling Child Labor? A Theoretical Investigation (with Homa Zarghamee).
  Journal of Development Economics, 2009, Vol. 88, pp. 217-220
Literacies, Identities and Social Change: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literacy and Development (joint w/Bryan Maddox and Anna Robinson-Pant).
  Journal of Development Studies, 2008
The Enigma of India’s Arrival.
  Journal of Economic Literature, 2008

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