Professor of Economics and C Marks Professor, Cornell University
Recent Papers

My new paper on discrimination
18th January 2017
Some History and a New Proof of the Pythagoras Theorem
5th January 2015
Bengali Translation of Paper on Economic Policy - Translated by Dr. Anupam Gupta
Dashadishi, Kolkata, 28th November 2012
Text of My K. R. Narayanan Oration
Ministry of Finance, Canberra, 25th August 2012
New Paper on Exchange Rate Manipulation
Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 26th June 2012
Keynote Lecture Delivered in Rome and to be Published in Rivista Italiana Degli Economisti.
Italian Economic Association, Rome, 14th Oct 2011
Strategic Theory for Central Banking: How to Influence Exchange Rates without Affecting Reserves
Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 20th Dec 2011
Understanding Inflation and Controlling It
Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 5th Aug 2011
The Evolving Dynamics of Global Economic Power in the Post-Crisis World: Revelations from a New Index of Government Economic Power
Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 1st July, 2011
Bribery and Corruption Summary
24th April, 2011
Bribery and Corruption Paper
March, 2011
A Simple Model of the Financial Crisis of 2007-9 with Implications for the Design of a Stimulus Package.
CAE Working Paper, 09-11, 2009
The Mechanics of Central Bank Interventions in Foreign Exchange Markets.
CAE Working Paper, 09-02, 2009
Children, Education, Labor and Land: In the Long Run and Short (with Talia Bar).
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2009, Vol. 7, pp. 487-497
Is Product Boycott a Good Idea for Controlling Child Labor? A Theoretical Investigation (with Homa Zarghamee).
Journal of Development Economics, 2009, Vol. 88, pp. 217-220
Literacies, Identities and Social Change: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literacy and Development (joint w/Bryan Maddox and Anna Robinson-Pant).
Journal of Development Studies, 2008
The Enigma of India's Arrival.
Journal of Economic Literature, 2008
Technological Stagnation, Tenurial Laws, and Adverse Selection
The American Economic Review, Vol. 79, No. 1 (Mar., 1989), pp. 251-255
A Theory of Association: Social Status, Prices and Markets
Oxford Economic Papers, New Series, Vol. 41, No. 4 (Oct., 1989), pp. 653-671
Why Monopolists Prefer to Make Their Goods Less Durable
Economica, New Series, Vol. 55, No. 220 (Nov., 1988), pp. 541-546
Strategic Irrationality nn Extensive Games
Mathematical Social Sciences 15 (1988) 237-260
Economic Theory in Development Economics: Methodology, Agrarian Structure and RentControl Laws
Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 23, No. 45/47, Special Number (Nov., 1988), pp.2309-2312
The Growth and Decay of Custom: The Role of the New Institutional Economics in Economic History
Explorations in Economic History 24, 1-21 (1987)
Monopoly, Quality Uncertainty and 'Status' Goods
International Journal of Industrial Organization 5 (1987) 435-446. North-Holland
Modeling Finitely-Repeated Games with Uncertain Termination
Economics Letters 23 (1987) 147-151. North-Holland
Migrants and the Native Bond: An Analysis of Microlevel Data from Delhi
Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 22, No. 19/21, Annual Number (May, 1987), pp.
Disneyland Monopoly, Interlinkage and Usurious Interest Rates
Journal of Public Economics 34 (1987) 1-17. North-Holland
Axioms for a Fuzzy Measure of Inequality
Mathematical Social Sciences 14 (1987) 275-288. North-Holland
Achievements, Capabilities and the Concept of Well-Being
Social Choice and Welfare (1987) 4:69-76
THE MARKET FOR LAND: An Analysis of Interim Traasactions
Journal of Development Economics 20 (1986) 163-177. North-Holland
One Kind of Power
Oxford Economic Papers, New Series, Vol. 38, No. 2 (Jul., 1986), pp. 259-282
Markets, Power and Social Norms
Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 21, No. 43 (Oct. 25, 1986), pp. 1893-1896
Poverty Measurement: A Decomposition of the Normalization Axiom
Econometrica, Vol. 53, No. 6 (Nov., 1985), pp. 1439-1443
Commitment and Entry-Deterrence in a Model of Duopoly
Economics Letters 18 (1985) 265-269. North-Holland
UTILITY MEASUREMENT: A Direct Proof of Lange's Conjecture
Economics Letters 15 (1984) 219-221 North-Holland
The Right to Give up Rights
Economica, New Series, Vol. 51, No. 204 (Nov., 1984), pp. 413-422
Implicit Interest Rates, Usury and Isolation in Backward Agriculture
Cambridge Journal of Economics 1984, 8, 145-159
Fuzzy Revealed Preference Theory
Journal of Economic Theory Vol. 32, No. 2, April 1984
Cardinal Utility, Utilitarianism, and a Class of Invariance Axioms in Welfare Analysis
The Delhi School of Economics, Delhi 110 007. India, Received February 1983, revised version accepted July 1983
The Emergence of Isolation and Interlinkage in Rural Markets
Oxford Economic Papers, New Series, Vol. 35, No. 2 (Jul., 1983), pp. 262-280
On Why We Do Not Try to Walk off without Paying after a Tax-Ride
Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 18, No. 48 (Nov. 26, 1983), pp. 2011-2012
Share, Size and Subsistence: Revisiting Some Old Controversies of Tenancy
Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 17, No. 30 (Jul. 24, 1982), pp. 1196-1200
Determinateness of the Utility Function: Revisiting a Controversy of the Thirties
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Food for Work Programmes: Beyond Roads That Get Washed Away
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Optimal Policies in Dual Economies
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Information and Strategy Theory and Decision
Information and Strategy in Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Basu, Kaushik Theory and Decision; Jul 1, 1977; 8, 3
Retrospective Choice and Merit Goods
FinanzArchiv / Public Finance Analysis, New Series, Bd. 34, H. 2 (1976), pp. 220-225